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Short-Term Energy Outlook

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  • U.S. coal exports for the first eight months of 2018 totaled 78 million short tons (MMst), compared with 60 MMst exported during the same period in 2017. EIA expects coal exports to total 110 MMst in 2018 and 100 MMst in 2019, and EIA expects coal production will total 756 MMst in 2018 (down 2% from 2017) and 729 MMst in 2019 (down 4% from 2018).

U.S. coal production

U.S. electric power sector coal stocks

U.S. coal consumption

U.S. Coal Summary
Prices (dollars per million Btu)
Electric Power Sector
Supply (million short tons)
U.S. Coal Production 728.4774.1756.4728.7
Exports 60.397.0110.4100.4
Consumption (million short tons)
Electric Power Sector 678.6665.0639.1590.2
Other Sectors 52.552.251.851.2
Total Consumption 731.1717.2690.9641.4
End of Period Inventories (million short tons)
Electric Power Sector 162.0137.7108.1109.6
Total Inventories 193.0164.1134.3137.8

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