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Short-Term Energy Outlook

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  • EIA estimates that U.S. coal production decreased by 19 million short tons (MMst) (2%) in 2018, totaling 756 MMst. EIA expects that coal production will continue to fall in the forecast as both domestic consumption and exports, which reached a five-year high in 2018, are forecast to decline. In the electric power sector, which accounts for more than 90% of U.S. coal consumption, more than 7 gigawatts of coal-fired generation is scheduled to retire by the end of 2020. EIA forecasts that coal production will total 684 MMst in 2019 (down by 9% from 2018) and 640 MMst in 2020 (down by 6% from 2019).

U.S. coal production

U.S. electric power sector coal stocks

U.S. coal consumption

U.S. Coal Summary
Prices (dollars per million Btu)
Electric Power Sector
Supply (million short tons)
U.S. Coal Production 774.6755.5684.1640.1
Exports 97.0115.6101.994.8
Consumption (million short tons)
Electric Power Sector 665.0636.5553.3512.1
Other Sectors 51.950.849.248.3
Total Consumption 716.9687.3602.5560.4
End of Period Inventories (million short tons)
Electric Power Sector 137.7102.8103.7103.6
Total Inventories 167.0132.1132.9132.4

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