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Using & Saving Energy

Energy Ant

Energy Use Basics

We use a lot of energy in our homes, in businesses, in industry, and for personal travel and transporting goods.

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In Homes

What uses more energy in our homes—heating, cooling, lighting, or powering electronics like TVs, computers, and MP3 players? And, do houses in the United States use more electricity or natural gas?

In Industry

More energy is consumed for industry and manufacturing than for any other purpose. What industries use more energy—refining, chemical, paper, or metal industries?

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Saving Energy

What can I do to save energy? What is the difference between energy conservation and energy efficiency?

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Energy and the Environment

What is the connection between energy and the environment? Each energy source has effects on the environment.

In Commercial Buildings

How do commercial buildings—offices, hospitals, schools, places of worship, warehouses, hotels, barber shops, libraries, shopping malls—se energy?

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For Transportation

All together, we drive our cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses about 3 trillion miles per year. Combined, gasoline and diesel make up most of the energy used for transportation.

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Recycling often saves energy and natural resources.

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