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Games & Activities with Energy Ant

Energy Ant


In which part of the jail are energy criminals kept? Tease your brain with our energy riddles.

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Feeling smart? Challenge your brain with energy Sudoku, slider puzzles, crossword puzzles, and word searches.

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Field Trips

Energy Ant has visited a lot of cool energy sites like an offshore oil rig and a hydropower plant! Read all about his adventures in his photo journals.

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What is your energy IQ? Take our pop quiz on your energy knowledge!

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Some everyday words have a surprisingly different meaning to people who work around energy. Learn the energy meaning of terms like "face," "digester," and "yellow cake."

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Science Fair Experiments

Learn the keys to a successful science fair experiment and find links to energy experiments.

Things to Do

Have some fun with Energy Ant's Activity Book or become an energy expert by completing a scavenger hunt for energy facts on Energy Kids.

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