State Electricity Profiles

Full data tables 1-17 XLS

Table 1. Summary statistics
Table 2A. Ten largest plants by capacity
Table 2B. Ten largest plants by generation
Table 3. Top five retailers of electricity, with end use sectors
Table 4. Electric power industry capability by primary energy source
Table 5. Electric power industry generation by primary energy source
Table 6. Electric power delivered fuel prices and quality for coal, petroleum, natural gas
Table 7. Electric power industry emissions estimates
Table 8. Retail sales, revenue, and average retail price by sector
Table 9. Retail electricity sales statistics
Table 10. Supply and disposition of electricity
Table 11. Net metering
Table 12. Advanced metering
Table 13. Energy efficiency
Table 14. Capacity and usage factors by month
Table 15. Capacity and usage factors
Table 16. Distributed generators, capacity
Table 17. Reliability