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Summary of New and Deleted Data Elements for New Form EIA-923, “Power Plant Operations Report”

NEW Data Elements

On Schedule 2, required information from plants 50 MW and above that consume fossil fuels:

  1. Commodity Cost in cents per MMBtu – for coal and natural gas fuels.  These data will be kept confidential.
  2. Mercury Content in coal, parts per million (ppm)
  3. Fuel Transportation Modes – reported by code.  For natural gas, either Firm or Interruptible transportation service.  For coal, petroleum, and petroleum coke, the primary and secondary transportation mode utilized to transport fuel to the plant.
  4. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Number (coal plants only)
  5. Mine Name (coal plants only).  Both the MSHA numbers and the mine names will be available in a drop down list. Choosing either the number or the name will automatically fill in the mine type, State of origin, and county.

On Schedule 4, required information from all fossil-fueled plants:

  1. Adjustments to Stocks.  Allows input of adjustments to the ending stocks due to sales of inventory, corrections to previous estimates, transfers to other plants, or any quantity of stocks that are not actually consumed in the generating plant.
  2. Balance.  This isn’t really a data element being collected, but it’s a way to reconcile the fuel receipts, fuel stocks, and fuel consumed.  Once all three values are reported on Schedules 2, 3A/B, and 4, the balance will automatically calculate using the following formula:

    “Last Month’s Ending Stocks” plus “This Month’s Receipts” plus “This Month’s Adjustment” (which may be positive or negative) minus “This Month’s Consumption”.

    The result should equal “This Month’s Ending Stocks”.  If it does not, the respondent will be required to enter an explanatory comment.

On Schedule 7, required information from nonutility plants that have sales for resale:

  1. Annual Revenues from Sales for Resale, in thousand dollars.

On Schedule 8, Environmental Information:

  1. On Schedule 8A, Annual Byproduct Disposition, Steam Sales in MMBtu is added.
  2. Fly Ash is broken down into three types: Fly ash from standard boiler/PCD units, Fly ash from units with FBC units, and Fly ash from units with dry FGD.
  3. Bottom Ash is broken down into two types: Bottom ash from standard boiler units and Bottom (bed) ash from FBC units.
  4. Ash from coal gasification (IGCC) units is added.


DELETED Data Elements

On Schedule 8, Environmental Information:

  1. Useful thermal output is no longer required from CHP plants.
  2. From Form EIA-767. Schedule 4A, Fuel Consumption by Boiler, the Analysis Method for Primary Fuel Type is deleted, and Hours under Load During Year is deleted.
  3. From Form EIA-767, Schedule 5, Generator Information, Design Flow Rate in Condenser at 100 Percent Load and Design Temperature Rise Across Condenser at 100 Percent Load are deleted.