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Supply and Disposition
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Supply Disposition Ending Stocks
Field Production Renewable Fuels & Oxygenate Plant Net Production Refinery & Blender Net Production Imports Net Receipts Adjust- ments Stock Change Refinery & Blender Net Inputs Exports Products Supplied
443,737 471,784 19,117 8,685 741,289 171,592 13,072 328,230
11,774 221,540 688,119 62,552 -4,490 991,022 11,974 -14,521 69,159
372,961 4,396 -144,926 -21,318 1,947 202,914 24,042 -17,789 69,079
43,645 182,932 -659,660 4,865 6,189 -603,901 128,501 40,994 126,174
5,120 419 2,989 -8,985 114 -2,033 99 1,363 8,982
10,237 62,497 113,478 -17,998 4,926 153,287 6,976 3,025 54,835
- = No Data Reported;  -- = Not Applicable;  NA = Not Available;  W = Withheld to avoid disclosure of individual company data.
Notes: Imports at the PAD District level represent the PAD District in which the material entered the U.S. and not necessarily where the crude oil or product is processed and/or consumed. PAD District level net receipts includes implied net receipts for fuel ethanol and oxygenates (excluding fuel ethanol). Implied net receipts are calculated as the sum of stock change, refinery and blender net inputs, and exports minus the sum of renewable fuels and oxygenate plant net production, imports, and adjustments. Adjustments include an adjustment for crude oil, previously referred to as Unaccounted For Crude Oil. Also included is an adjustment for motor gasoline blending components, fuel ethanol, and distillate fuel oil. A negative stock change indicates a decrease in stocks and a positive number indicates an increase in stocks. Total stocks do not include distillate fuel oil stocks located in the Northeast Heating Oil Reserve. Total residual fuel oil stocks include stocks held at pipelines. Residual fuel oil stocks by sulfur content exclude pipeline stocks. Therefore, the sum of residual fuel oil stocks by sulfur content may not equal total residual fuel oil stocks. Exports of distillate fuel oil with sulfur greater than 15 ppm to 500 ppm may include distillate fuel oil with sulfur content 15 ppm and under due to product detail limitations in exports data received from the U.S. Census Bureau. LRG = Liquefied Refinery Gas. Data may not add to total due to independent rounding.  See Definitions, Sources, and Notes link above for more information on this table.
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