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Natural Gas Liquids Those hydrocarbons in natural gas which are separated from the gas through the processes of absorption, condensation, adsorption, or other methods in gas processing or cycling plants. Generally such liquids consist of propane and heavier hydrocarbons and are commonly referred to as condensate, natural gasoline, or liquefied petroleum gases. Where hydrocarbon components lighter than propane are recovered as liquids, these components are included with natural gas liquids.
Natural Gas Processing Plant A facility designed to recover natural gas liquids from a stream of natural gas which may or may not have passed through lease separators and/or field separation facilities. Another function of the facility is to control the quality of the processed natural gas stream. Cycling plants are considered natural gas processing plants.
Plant Liquids Those volumes of natural gas liquids recovered in natural gas processing plants.
Production, Plant Liquids The volume of liquids removed from natural gas in natural gas processing plants or cycling plants during the report year.

For definitions of related energy terms, refer to the EIA Energy Glossary.


Form EIA-23L, "Annual Report of Domestic Oil and Gas Reserves (County Level Version)".
Form EIA-64A, "Annual Report of the Origin of Natural Gas Liquids Production"

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  •   Explanatory Notes

  • The production estimates in this table are based on data reported on Form EIA-23, “Annual Survey of Domestic Oil and Gas Reserves,” and Form EIA-64A, “Annual Report of the Origin of Natural Gas Liquids Production.” They may differ from the official Energy Information Administration production data for natural gas plant liquids contained in the Petroleum Supply Annual.
  • Related data and background information are published in the U.S. Crude Oil and Natural Gas Proved Reserves Annual Report.