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 Category:   Natural Gas Production
 Topic:   Coalbed Methane Production


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Coalbed Methane Methane is generated during coal formation and is contained in the coal microstructure. Typical recovery entails pumping water out of the coal to allow the gas to escape. Methane is the principal component of natural gas. Coalbed methane can be added to natural gas pipelines without any special treatment.

For definitions of related energy terms, refer to the EIA Energy Glossary.


Energy Information Administration, Office of Oil and Gas

  Explanatory Notes

  • Coalbed Methane production data collected in conjunction with proved reserves data on Form EIA-23 are unofficial. Official Coalbed Methane production data from Form EIA-895 can be found in Natural Gas Gross Withdrawals and Production.
  • Related data and background information are published in the U.S. Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Liquids Reserves Annual Report.