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Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS)

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The 2020 study represents the 15th iteration of the RECS program. First conducted in 1978, the Residential Energy Consumption Survey is a national sample survey that collects energy-related data for housing units occupied as a primary residence and the households that live in them. Data were collected from nearly 18,500 households in housing units statistically selected to represent the 123.5 million housing units that are occupied as a primary residence. This first version of the 2020 RECS microdata file, released in July 2022, reflects preliminary household characteristics data.

Users are strongly encouraged to read Using the 2020 microdata file to compute estimates and standard errors (RSEs).

Data files Variable and response codebook Survey forms Release date
SAS    CSV XLS EIA-457 A-G   July 2022

Specific questions on this product may be directed to:

Carolyn Hronis
RECS Survey Manager