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EIA Conference 2009
Session 3: Meeting the Growing Demand for Liquids

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Moderator: Glen Sweetnam (EIA)
Speakers Eduardo González-Pier (PEMEX)
David Knapp
(Energy Intelligence Group)
Fareed Mohamedi (PFC Energy)
  Note: Concurrent sessions used a variety of presentation and round table discussion formats. All available presentations have been posted.
  Moderator and Speaker Bios and Presentations

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Glen Sweetnam is the Director of the International, Economic, and Greenhouse Gases Division of the Energy Information Administration. This Division produces the International Energy Outlook, the macroeconomic assumptions underlying the Annual Energy Outlook, and two congressionally mandated reports on U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Prior to joining the EIA, he worked at senior levels for both energy merchants and exploration and production companies, including Reliant Energy, ARCO, and Fina Oil and Chemical Company. In the early 1980s, Mr. Sweetnam was the Director of Economic Analysis in the Department of Energy, where he played a significant role in the deregulation of the domestic natural gas industry. He received his M.A. in Public Policy from University of California, Berkeley and his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Eduardo González-Pier, PEMEX Eduardo Gonzalez-Pier joined PEMEX in early 2008 as executive advisor to the director general. He has been mostly involved with the restructuring of the economic planning and evaluation processes, integrating and guiding the consolidated investment program, revising the costing, pricing and forecasting exercises and advising on pension and health care reform for PEMEX employees. Previously served as Chief Economist at the Ministry of Health in México, where he was responsible for drafting the National Health Program 2001-2006 and actively participated in the policy formulation and implementation of various health financing reform initiatives. He received his B.S. from Washington and Lee University in Virginia and his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. His areas of policy and research interest include public finance, international trade and economic growth.
David Knapp, Energy Intelligence Group

David Knapp is Senior Editor, Global Oil Markets, for Energy Intelligence Group. He is editor of Oil Market Intelligence and co-editor of the Energy Intelligence Briefing Service. He also serves as Managing Director of Energy Intelligence Research. Previously he was a senior official with the International Energy Agency and edited of the IEA’s Monthly Oil Market Report. He has analyzed energy markets for nearly 40 years in the international, government, business and financial sectors as Energy Economist and Energy Team Leader for the prestigious Wall Street banking and investment firm of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. after starting his career at the Federal Energy Administration and Chase Manhattan Bank’s Energy Economics Division. He is a member of numerous professional organizations in the energy area. Last year, he was awarded the IAEE Award for Excellence in Written Journalism. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Fareed Mohamedi, PFC Energy

Fareed Mohamedi is a Partner of PFC Energy. He heads the Markets and Country Strategies department, which houses PFC Energy's expertise in evaluating the global investment faced by international oil companies and the political-economic drivers shaping oil and gas sector policies in petroleum producing countries. He also manages PFC Energy's oil market analysis team which is renowned for its analysis of OPEC oil market management strategies. He helped develop PFC Energy's expertise on national oil companies.