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Last Updated: July 2014


Map of Moldova
Map of Moldova
  • While not a significant energy producer or consumer, Moldova's geographic position makes it important as a transit route of natural gas from Russia through the Shebelinka-Dnepropetrovsk-Izmail pipeline to countries in southeastern Europe, including Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, and Romania.
  • The eastern part of Moldova, Transnistria, is a breakaway territory that Russia has supported since 1990 but is not internationally recognized. This region contains the majority of Moldova's power generation capacity and heavy industry.
  • Moldova has no domestic production of natural gas and relies entirely on pipeline imports from Russia. Natural gas made up about 40% of total primary energy supply in 2012, according to Moldova's National Bureau of Statistics.
  • The European Union (EU) provided investment to link natural gas transmission networks between Moldova and Romania through the Iasi-Ungheni pipeline, which could provide an additional source of natural gas imports to the country. Construction of the pipeline began in August 2013.
  • Moldova has no significant refining capacity and imports most of its petroleum liquids. Petroleum products accounted for 36% of the country's total primary energy supply in 2012.
  • The government's energy strategy seeks to connect the country to the EU's internal electricity market, and the country joined the EU Energy Community in 2010.