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Games & Activities

Energy Ant


In which part of the jail are energy criminals kept? Tease your brain with our energy riddles.

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Feeling smart? Challenge your brain with energy Sudoku, slider puzzles, crossword puzzles, and word searches.

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Field Trips

Energy Ant has visited a lot of cool energy sites like an offshore oil rig and a hydropower plant! Read all about his adventures in his photo journals.

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What is your energy IQ? Take our pop quiz on your energy knowledge!

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Some everyday words have a surprisingly different meaning to people who work around energy. Learn the energy meaning of terms like "face," "digester," and "yellow cake."

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Science Fair Experiments

Learn the keys to a successful science fair experiment and find links to energy experiments. Watch the cartoon Prepare for the Science Fair.

Things to Do

Have some fun with Energy Ant's Activity Book or become an energy expert by completing a scavenger hunt for energy facts on Energy Kids.

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