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Domestic Uranium Production Report - Quarterly

Data for 1st Quarter 2016  |  Release Date: May 5, 2016  |  Next Release Date: August 2016  |   full report

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Table 4. U.S. uranium in-situ-leach plants by owner, location, capacity, and operating status
  Operating status at the end of
In-situ-leach plant owner In-situ-leach plant name County, state (existing and planned locations) Production capacity (pounds U3O8 per year) 2015 1st quarter 2016
AUC LLC Reno Creek Campbell, Wyoming 2,000,000 Partially Permitted And Licensed Partially Permitted And Licensed
Azarga Uranium Corp. Dewey Burdock Project Fall River and Custer, South Dakota 1,000,000 Partially Permitted And Licensed Partially Permitted And Licensed
Cameco Crow Butte Operation Dawes, Nebraska 1,000,000 Operating Operating
Hydro Resources, Inc. Church Rock McKinley, New Mexico 1,000,000 PartiallyPermitted And Licensed Partially Permitted And Licensed
Hydro Resources, Inc. Crownpoint McKinley, New Mexico 1,000,000 Partially Permitted And Licensed Partially Permitted And Licensed
Lost Creek ISR LLC Lost Creek Project Sweetwater, Wyoming 2,000,000 Operating Operating
Mestena Uranium LLC Alta Mesa Project Brooks, Texas 1,500,000 Standby Standby
Power Resources, Inc. dba Cameco Resources Smith Ranch-Highland Operation Converse, Wyoming 5,500,000 Operating Operating
South Texas Mining Venture Hobson ISR Plant Karnes, Texas 1,000,000 Operating Standby
South Texas Mining Venture La Palangana Duval, Texas 1,000,000 Operating Standby
Strata Energy Inc. Ross CPP Crook, Wyoming 375,000 Changing License to Operational Operating
URI, Inc. Kingsville Dome Kleberg, Texas 1,000,000 Restoration Restoration
URI, Inc. Rosita Duval, Texas 1,000,000 Reclamation Reclamation
URI, Inc. Vasquez Duval, Texas 800,000 Restoration Restoration
Uranerz Energy Corporation Nichols Ranch ISR Project Johnson and Campbell, Wyoming 2,000,000 Operating Operating
Uranium Energy Corp. Goliad ISR Uranium Project Goliad, Texas 1,000,000 Permitted And Licensed Permitted And Licensed
Uranium One Americas, Inc. Jab and Antelope Sweetwater, Wyoming 2,000,000 Developing Developing
Uranium One Americas, Inc. Moore Ranch Campbell, Wyoming 500,000 Permitted And Licensed Permitted And Licensed
Uranium One USA, Inc. Willow Creek Project (Christensen Ranch and Irigaray) Campbell and Johnson, Wyoming 1,300,000 Operating Operating
Total production capacity: 26,975,000  

Notes: Production capacity for 1st Quarter 2016. An operating status of "Operating" indicates the in-situ-leach plant usually was producing uranium concentrate at the end of the period. Hobson ISR Plant processed uranium concentrate that came from La Palangana. Hobson and La Palangana are part of the same project. ISR stands for in-situ recovery. Christensen Ranch and Irigaray are part of the Willow Creek Project. Uranerz Energy has a tolling arrangement with Cameco Resources. Uranium is first processed at the Nichols Ranch plant and then transported to the Smith Ranch-Highland Operation plant for final processing into Uranerz's uranium concentrate. CPP stands for central processing plant.
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration: Form EIA-851A and Form EIA-851Q, "Domestic Uranium Production Report."