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Does EIA have city or county-level energy consumption and price data?

EIA has gasoline price data for some cities and data for electric and natural gas distribution utilities, as follows:

  • Gasoline prices, including taxes, for 10 cities.
  • Electricity sales (a proxy for end-use consumption) and prices for distribution utilities. Most cities or municipal areas are served by a single distribution utility. However, many utilities serve a larger area than the jurisdictional boundaries of a specific city. The names of the counties, by State, where each electric utility has distribution equipment and which can be used as an estimate of a utility's service territory are in File 4 of EIA 861 survey database. In some cases, more than one utility may have distribution equipment in the same county.
  • Natural gas delivery/sales and prices. EIA does not have data on the service territory of natural gas utilities.

Last revised: July 24, 2013

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