PC Electronic Data Reporting Option (PEDRO) System
Released: February 22, 2011
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4) Click the Next button after selecting the desired type of installation.

5) The "Choose Destination Location" box is displayed. By default, PEDRO will be installed to the "C:\PEDRO" directory. However, if you wish to install it elsewhere, click the Browse button and select the desired drive/folder in which you'd like to install PEDRO. Click OK. Click the Next button on the "Choose Destination Location" box.

6) The "Start Copying Files" screen is displayed. Click the Next button to begin the installation.

7) A progress bar is displayed, indicating the status of the installation. When finished, click the Finish button.

8) To run PEDRO, click the Windows Start button. Then click Programs, and select EIA Applications from the list of programs. On the fly-out "EIA Applications" menu, select PEDRO 6.7. PEDRO will open on your PC.

For complete instructions for running Pedro and Pedro Communications, please see the Pedro User's Guide and Pedro Quick Installation Guide in PDF format.

If you require any assistance in installing or running Pedro, please call EIA at (202) 586-9659.