Survey Forms

EIA-23L Reserves Information Gathering System (RIGS)

Released: February 27, 2015

Form EIA-23L, the "Annual Survey of Domestic Oil and Gas Reserves," is used to collect data on reserves of crude oil, natural gas, and lease condensate. These data are used to develop national and regional estimates of domestic proved reserves, and to facilitate national energy policy decisions. Reporting on Form EIA-23L is mandatory if your company is selected for the survey.

Reserves Information Gathering System
The Form EIA-23L Reserves Information Gathering System (RIGS) provides respondents with an efficient and effective means for filing the form using a personal computer.

Hardware / Software Requirements
The minimum hardware requirements needed to install and use RIGS are:

  • An IBM-compatible personal computer with an Internet connection)
  • A Windows operating system (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • At least 20.0 megabytes of free disk space on the hard drive

Downloading and Installing
Follow the steps below to download the file containing the application. Please print the instructions prior to beginning the installation process!

Download Application:
1) Download RIGS Application. In the current version of Internet Explorer, you are asked "Do you want to run or save RIGS_2014.EXE from"
Select "Run." You may see a warning that "the publisher couldn't be verified; are you sure you want to run the program?" Again, select "Run."

2) As the RIGS install begins, an Install Shield Welcome screen is displayed; click the Next button to continue.

3) A Choose Destination Location screen is displayed. The default directory to which the system installs is:

C:\RIGS 2014
(If you wish to change the directory, click the Browse button.)
Click the Next button to continue the installation.

4) Next, the Setup Type box is displayed. Select the first option, "RIGS," to install the program, and click Next. The Select Program Folder box is displayed. The Program Folders name that you enter will be the name you see in your Windows "Programs" menu (which you will select to run the program after it is installed). The default name is RIGS 2014. Click the Next button; the Start Copying Files screen is displayed. Click the Next button to complete the installation.

5) A Setup Status box appears, displaying the status of the installation. When finished, a final box is shown, informing you that the installation completed successfully. Click Finish to exit the installation process.

For complete instructions for running the RIGS, see the RIGS User's Guide.

For more information about the EIA-23L, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you require any assistance in installing or running RIGS, contact EIA at 1-800-879-1470.