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Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Program

Why Report

What Is the Purpose of Form EIA-1605?

Form EIA-1605 provides the means for the voluntary reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, reductions, and sequestration under Section 1605(b) of the Energy Policy Act of 1992. The purpose of the Voluntary Reporting Program is to encourage corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, households, and other private and public entities to submit annual reports of their greenhouse gas emissions, emission reductions, and sequestration activities. Form EIA-1605 provides a means for voluntary reporting that is complete, reliable, and consistent.

How Will My Entity Benefit From Reporting?

There are a number of ways for your entity to benefit from reporting, including:

  • Gaining recognition for environmental stewardship.
  • Establishing a public record of emissions and reductions that may be referenced in the future.
  • Informing the public debate about activities aimed at achieving reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Contributing to information exchanges on the most effective ways to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Demonstrating progress towards meeting commitments to reduce greenhouse gases made under voluntary programs.

How Will Your Report Be Used?

All reports submitted to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Form EIA-1605 will be entered into an electronic database designed to preserve data on emissions, emission reductions, and sequestration achievements. All non-confidential information reported under this voluntary program will be publicly available on a reporter-specific basis, except confidential information. Public access to these data will create a reliable record of the contributions reporting entities have made toward reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

If there is information included in your report that is believed to be a trade secret or commercial or financial information that is exempt from public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (e.g., release to the public would cause substantial harm to your organization's competitive position), you may request that the information be kept confidential by checking the box on Schedule I of Form EIA-1605 for "This report contains confidential information." If you wish to request confidentiality, you must also identify data elements for which confidentiality is requested and provide a justification for why such data should be made confidential. See “What Are the Provisions Regarding Confidentiality of Your Information?” on page 20 of the Instructions for Form EIA-1605 for more details.




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