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FAQs about Storage Capacity

How do I determine if my tanks are in operation or idle or non-reportable?

Refer to the following flowchart.

Should idle capacity be included with working capacity?

No, only report working capacity of tanks and caverns in operation, but not for idle tanks and caverns.

Should working capacity match net available shell in operation/total net available shell capacity?

Working capacity should be less than net available shell capacity because working capacity excludes contingency space and tank bottoms.

What is the difference between net available shell capacity in operation and total net available shell capacity?

Net available shell capacity in operation excludes capacity of idle tanks and caverns.

What do you mean by transshipment tanks?

Transshipment tanks are routinely used for storing petroleum products as part of a transfer from one bulk transport mode to another. Bulk transport modes for petroleum products include pipelines, tankers, and barges. Transshipment tanks may be designed to "drain dry" to facilitate regular transitions from one product to another.

Do I have to report storage capacity every month?

No, only report storage capacity with data for March and September. You may report storage capacity every month if it is more convenient to do so, but the data are only required for March and September.

Can I just report the same numbers for storage capacity every month?

It is ok to report storage capacity every month, but we will only process storage capacity data with the March and September reports. If storage capacity is reported every month, it should accurately reflect the status of your tanks on the last day of the month.

I'm not making anything at my terminal, why do I have to report storage capacity data?

As long as you have inventory of crude oil and/or petroleum products, you also need to report storage capacity even if there is no blending activity.

Do I report storage capacity data on both Form EIA-812 "Monthly Product Pipeline Report" and Form EIA-815 "Monthly Bulk Terminal and Blender Report"? If yes, isn't that double counting?

Report storage capacity for tanks and caverns that hold inventories reported on Forms EIA-812 or EIA-815. If the tank or cavern is part of a pipeline system and the inventory is reported on Form EIA-812, then report storage capacity on the Form EIA-812. Similarly, if the tank or cavern is part of a terminal for which you report inventories on Form EIA-815, then report storage capacity on the same form.