Survey Forms

Coal Survey Form Changes

2013 Proposals

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is proposing to change its data protection policy for the following survey forms:

  • Form EIA-3, “Quarterly Coal Consumption and Quality Report — Manufacturing and Transformation/Processing Coal Plants and Commercial and Institutional Coal Users”
  • Form EIA-5, “Quarterly Coal Consumption and Quality Report — Coke Plants”
  • Form EIA-7A, “Coal Production and Preparation Report — Coal Mines and Preparation Plants”
  • Form EIA-8A, “Coal Stocks Report — Traders and Brokers”

For Forms EIA-3, EIA-5 and EIA-8A, the new policy will protect company information reported on these forms from public release in identifiable form to the extent it satisfies exemption criteria under the Freedom of Information Act and the Trade Secrets Act. However, disclosure limitation procedures will not be applied to the State- and regional-level statistical and quantity data published from these surveys.

For Form EIA-7A, only the name and address of the responding company, the mine or plant type, and location will be considered public information. These data elements will continue to be released and will not be protected from disclosure in identifiable form when releasing statistical aggregate (State-level) information. All other company information will be protected to the extent it satisfies exemption criteria under the Freedom of Information Act and the Trade Secrets. Disclosure limitation procedures will be applied to cost data reported on Forms EIA-3 and EIA-5 and revenue data reported on Forms EIA-7A and EIA-8A.

See the Federal Register Notice on the proposed changes. Comments due by December 27, 2012 and should be directed to:

      Tejasvi Raghuveer
      EIA-3 Survey Manager
      U.S. Energy Information Administration, EI-24
      1000 Independence Avenue, SW
      Washington, DC 20585

EIA will be hosting a web-based presentation on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 2 pm to discuss these changes further. Sign up to attend.