September 13, 2000

Winter Fuels Market Assessment 2000


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Table of Contents

Winter Fuels Market Assessment 2000

West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Prices

Perspective on Real Monthly World Oil Prices, 1976 - 2000

U.S. Crude Oil Stocks

Total OECD Oil Stocks

Distillate and Spot Crude Oil Prices

Distillate Stocks Expected to Remain Low

Distillate Stocks Are Important Part of East Coast Winter Supply

Consumer Winter Heating Oil Costs

Natural Gas Prices: Well Above Recent Averages

Annual Real Natural Gas Prices by Sector

End-of-Month Working Gas in .Underground Storage

Residential Prices Do Not Reflect the Volatility Seen in Wellhead Prices

Consumer Natural Gas Heating Costs

Winter Weather Uncertainty

Author: John Cook


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