PPMCSA Presentation on Winter Distillate Outlook


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Table of Contents

Winter Distillate Outlook

Distillate Prices Increasing With Crude Oil

Factors Driving Prices & Forecast

First Factor Impacting Distillate Prices: Crude Oil Prices

High Crude Prices Go With Low Inventories

Second Price Component: Spread Impacted by Distillate Supply/Demand Balance

Distillate Stocks are Low – Especially on the East Coast

Distillate Stocks Are Important Part of East Coast Winter Supply

Winter Demand Impacted by Weather

Warm Winters Held Heating Oil Demand Down While Diesel Grew

Distillate Demand Strong in December 1999

Dec 1999 & Jan 2000 Production Fell, But Rebounded with Price

Higher Yields Can Be Achieved

Unusual Net Imports May Only Be Available at a High Price

Distillate Stocks Expected to Remain Low

Distillate and Crude Oil Price .Forecasts

Consumer Winter Heating Oil Costs


Author: Joanne Shore

Email: jshore@eia.doe.gov

Home Page: www.eia.gov

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