Outlook for Natural Gas:Winter 2000


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Outlook for Natural Gas:Winter 2000

Current Gas Market...

Gas Well Completions Have Generally Risen Since 1995

In Recent Years Natural Gas Prices Show Greater Volatility

Natural Gas Prices Are Above the Typical Range for the Past 2 Years

Residential Prices Do Not Reflect The Volatility Seen in Wellhead Prices

The Commodity Portion Of Delivered Residential Prices Is a Fraction Of The Total

Outlook for Winter 2000

Short-Term Outlook for Natural Gas

Fossil Fuel Prices to Electric Utilities

After 2 Winters with Above Average Storage Levels, the Industry Likely Will Enter the Next Heating Season With Below Average Inventories

Estimated Additional Natural Gas Consumption Under “Normal Weather Conditions”

What is the Big Picture for Natural Gas This Winter?

Author: Barbara Mariner-Volpe

Email: Barbara.MarinerVolpe@eia.doe.gov

Home Page: www.eia.gov

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