EIA Marks 25th Anniversary of 1973 Oil Embargo

Jay Hakes, Administrator, Energy Information Administration (EIA)
September 3, 1998

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Table of Contents

Energy Information Administration

Some Views of 1973

Major Disruptions of World Oil Supply

Imported Oil as a Percent of Total U. S. Consumption

Percent of OPEC and Persian Gulf World Oil Production

U. S. Retail Price of Gasoline

U. S. Total Petroleum Consumption

U. S. Per Capita Use of Petroleum

U. S. Government Owned Crude Oil Stocks

Cost of Finding Oil and Gas Reserves

U. S. MPG Ratings for New Vehicles

U. S. Average Horsepower of a New Vehicle

Share of U. S. Electricity Generated By Petroleum

Futures And Options Markets Changed Energy Marketing

U. S. Total Energy Consumption

U. S. Per Capita Use of Energy

U.S. Primary Energy Consumption per Dollar of GDP

U. S. Retail Price of Electricity