Retail Unbundling - Nevada

Status: The state has no unbundled services for residential customers but is considering action.

Overview: In July 1997, the state legislature approved a restructuring plan for the electric utility industry that also set the stage for possible restructuring of the gas industry. In August 1997, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada opened Docket No. 97-8002 to examine changes in the natural gas industry and to formulate pertinent regulations. Since then, regulations have been written covering affiliate transactions and licensing. No significant actions regarding gas restructuring are expected until issues associated with electric utility deregulation have been resolved. In its 2001 session, the legislature enacted Assembly Bill 369 that repealed provisions pertaining to competitive retail electric service, citing its duty to protect consumers, safeguard the economy of the state, and ensure adequate reliable electricity service at just and reasonable prices.

EIA State Data: In 2003, Nevada had 610,756 residential and 34,590 commercial customers who consumed 33 and 24 billion cubic feet of natural gas, respectively. The average prices paid for natural gas purchased from local distribution companies by residential and commercial customers were $8.96 and $7.29 per thousand cubic feet, respectively.

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