Retail Unbundling - Wyoming

Status: Wyoming has one active customer choice pilot program.

Overview: Wyoming's residential choice program ("Choice Gas"), which was set up and approved by the Wyoming Public Service Commission, is in its sixth year of operation. The program allows residential and small commercial customers in 10 eastern Wyoming communities to choose their natural gas suppliers. Of the 10,557 participating customers in 2001, 70 percent chose to purchase gas from KN Energy, while 28 percent selected Wyoming Community Gas, and 2 percent chose Wyrulec/Midwest United Energy. Service under the current pilot program cycle began on July 1, 2001, and runs through May 31, 2002. Participation numbers are very similar to those in 1999 when 10,506 signed up for the pilot program.

EIA State Data: In 2000, Wyoming had 129,274 residential and 16,366 commercial customers. They consumed 12 and 10 billion cubic feet of natural gas, respectively. The average prices paid for natural gas purchased from local distribution companies by residential and commercial customers were $6.11 and $5.27 per thousand cubic feet, respectively. The average city gate price in the state was $5.07 per thousand cubic feet.

Eligibility/Participation in Retail Choice Programs:

Status as of November 2001: Number of Customers

Customer Type

Total 2000
Eligible Participating
Total Percent of 2000 Total Total Percent of Eligible Percent of 2000 Total
Residential 129,274 9,185 7.1 9,185 100 7.1
Commercial 16,366 1,372 8.4 1,372 100 8.4
Total 145,640 10,557 7.2 10,557 100 7.2

Sources: Total 2000: Energy Information Administration, Natural Gas Annual 2000 (November 2001). Eligibility and Participation: Wyoming Public Service Commission and KN Energy.

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