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July 26

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Posted July 27, 2016Today in Energy

Many industries use combined heat and power to improve energy efficiency ›

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems have long been used to reduce the overall energy intensity of industrial systems. There are two types of combined heat and power, depending on whether the system produces power first, then heat, or heat first, then power. In topping cycles, the hot exhaust of an electricity generator such as a natural gas turbine or reciprocating engine is used to provide process heat, hot water, or space heating for the site. According to preliminary 2015 data, topping cycles are used by 89% of total CHP capacity. More

Source: EIA, Annual Electric Generation Survey EIA-860 (2015 early release)


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Data Highlights

WTI crude oil futures price

7/26/2016: $42.92/barrels

down$1.73 from week earlier
down$4.47 from year earlier

Natural gas futures price

7/26/2016: $2.712/MMBtu

down$0.016 from week earlier
down$0.077 from year earlier

Retail gasoline price

7/25/2016: $2.182/gal

down$0.048 from week earlier
down$0.563 from year earlier

Crude oil inventories

7/22/2016: 521.1 million barrels 

up1.7 million barrels from week earlier
up61.5 million barrels from year earlier

Weekly coal production

7/16/2016: 15.141 million tons

up2.218 million tons from week earlier
down2.433 million tons from year earlier


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