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Posted July 29, 2016Today in Energy

Changes in steel production reduce energy intensity ›

The manufacture of steel and related products is an energy-intensive process. In 2015, the steel industry accounted for 1.5% of all industrial shipments but 6.1% of industrial delivered energy consumption. In EIA's Annual Energy Outlook 2016 (AEO2016) Reference case, energy use in the steel industry increases by 11% over 2015–40. Over the same period, the steel industry's energy intensity falls by 27%, compared with an 18% reduction in total industrial energy intensity. Several alternative cases examine drivers for further energy intensity reductions in the steel industry. More

Source: EIA, Annual Energy Outlook 2016


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Data Highlights

WTI crude oil futures price

7/28/2016: $41.14/barrels

down$3.61 from week earlier
down$7.65 from year earlier

Natural gas futures price

7/28/2016: $2.873/MMBtu

up$0.181 from week earlier
down$0.013 from year earlier

Weekly coal production

7/23/2016: 14.970 million tons

down0.171 million tons from week earlier
down3.239 million tons from year earlier

Natural gas inventories

7/22/2016: 3,294 Bcf

up17 Bcf from week earlier
up436 Bcf from year earlier

Crude oil inventories

7/22/2016: 521.1 million barrels

up1.7 million barrels from week earlier
up61.5 million barrels from year earlier


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