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Short-Term Energy and Winter Fuels Outlook

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Table 7a : U.S. Electricity Industry Overview

aGeneration supplied by electricity-only and combined-heat-and-power (CHP) plants operated by electric utilities and independent power producers.
bGeneration supplied by CHP and electricity-only plants operated by businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors, primarily for onsite use.
cIncludes transmission and distribution losses, data collection time-frame differences, and estimation error.
dDirect Use represents commercial and industrial facility use of onsite net electricity generation; and electrical sales or transfers to adjacent or colocated facilities for which revenue information is not available. See Table 7.6 of the EIA Monthly Energy Review.
- = no data available
Notes: The approximate break between historical and forecast values is shown with estimates and forecasts in italics.
Historical data: Latest data available from Energy Information Administration databases supporting the following reports: Electric Power Monthly, DOE/EIA-0226; and Electric Power Annual, DOE/EIA-0348.
Minor discrepancies with published historical data are due to independent rounding.
Projections: EIA Regional Short-Term Energy Model.