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International Energy Outlook 2008


The International Energy Outlook is prepared by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). General questions concerning the contents of the report should be referred to John J. Conti, Director, Office of Integrated Analysis and Forecasting (john.conti@eia.doe.gov, 202-586-2222),  or Glen E. Sweetnam, Director, International, Economic, and Greenhouse Gases Division (glen.sweetnam@eia. doe.gov, 202-586-2188). Specific questions about the report should be referred to Linda E. Doman (202-586-1041) or the following analysts: 

World Energy Demand and Economic Outlook Linda Doman    (linda.doman@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-1041)
Liquid Fuels John Staub    (john.staub@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-6344)
  Lauren Mayne     (lauren.mayne@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-3005)
Natural Gas Justine Barden    (justine.barden@eia.doe.gov    202-586-3508)
  Phyllis Martin    (phyllis.martin@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-9592)
Coal Michael Mellish    (michael.mellish@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-2136)
  Diane Kearney    (diane.kearney@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-2415)
  Stephanie Kette     (stephanie.kette@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-3627)
Electricity Linda Doman    (linda.doman@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-1041)
           Projections for Nuclear Power Lori Aniti    (lori.aniti@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-2867)
           Uranium Reserves Brian Murphy    (brian.murphy@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-1398)
Transportation Sector Energy Use Barry Kapilow-Cohen (bcohen@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-5359)
Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions Perry Lindstrom    (perry.lindstrom@eia.doe.gov,    202-586-0934)


Electronic Access and Related Reports 

IEO2008 will be available on CD-ROM and on the EIA Home Page (http://www.eia.gov/oiaf/ieo/index.html) by October 2008, including text, forecast tables, and graphics. To download the entire publication in Portable Document Format (PDF), go to http://www.eia.gov/oiaf/ieo/pdf/0484(2008).pdf. 

For ordering information and questions on other energy statistics available from EIA, please contact EIA’s National Energy Information Center. Addresses, telephone numbers, and hours are as follows: 

    National Energy Information Center, EI-30
    Energy Information Administration
    Forrestal Building
    Washington, DC 20585 


Telephone: 202/586-8800
TTY: For people who are deaf
         or hard of hearing: 202/586-1181
9 a.m. to 4 p.m., eastern time, M-F
E-mail: infoctr@eia.doe.gov
World Wide Web Site: http://www.eia.gov
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