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The AEO Supplementary files contain tables that were generated for the Reference case of the Annual Energy Outlook 1996 (AEO96), using the National Energy Modeling System, a computer-based model which produces annual 
projections of energy markets for 1994 to 2015. Most of the tables in the files were not published in the AEO96, but contain regional and other more detailed projections underlying the AEO96 projections. The files containing 
these tables are in spreadsheet format. A total of ninety-eight tables are presented.

The data in the files for tables 10 and 20 match those published in AEO96 Appendix tables A2 and A3, respectively. Forecasts for 1995, 1996, and 1997 in the files may differ from values published in the Short Term Energy 
Outlook, First Quarter 1996, which are the official EIA short-term forecasts and are based on more current information than the AEO.

The AEO reflects data and information available as of July 31, 1995. At that time, most 1993 and 1994 but only partial 1995 data were available. Following is an instruction sheet which describes how the files are organized and how to load the data onto your hard disk. If you have questions about the diskette or how to use them, please contact Joseph Baumgartner (202-586-1294). Questions concerning the projections should be directed to the most appropriate person on the contact list, which also follows. 


Mary Hutzler
Director, Office of Integrated Analysis
and forecasting
Energy Information Administration

For Further Information . . .

The Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) is prepared by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), Office of Integrated Analysis and Forecasting, under the direction of Mary J. Hutzler (, 202/586-2222). General questions may be addressed to Arthur T. Andersen (, 202/ 586-1441), Director of the Energy Demand and Integration Division; Scott Sitzer (, 202/586-2308), Director of the Energy Supply and Conversion Division; or Andy S. Kydes (akydes@eia., 202/586-2222), Senior Modeling Analyst. Detailed
questions about the forecasts and related model components may be addressed to the following analysts: 

Residential Demand -       John Cymbalsky          (, 202/586-4815)
Commercial Demand -      Erin Boedecker            (, 202/586-4791)
Industrial Demand -          T. Crawford Honeycutt  (, 202-586-1420)
Transportation Demand -   David Chien                 (, 202/586-3994)
Electricity Generation -     David Schoeberlein       (, 202/586-2349)
Electricity Prices -           Art Holland                   (, 202/586-2026)
Nuclear Energy -              Laura Church               (, 202/586-1494)
Renewable Energy -         Perry M. Lindstrom       (, 202/586-0934)
Oil and Gas Production -  Dana Van Wagener       (, 202/586-4725)
Natural Gas Markets -      Phyllis Martin               (, 202/586-9592)
Oil Refining and Markets - Stacy MacIntyre           (, 202/586-9795)
Macroeconomics -            Kay Smith                   (, 202/586-1455)
International Oil Markets - Daniel Butler                (, 202/586-9503)
Coal Supply and Prices - Richard Newcombe        (, 202/586-2415)

Electronic Access and Related Reports

The AEO96 will be available on CD-ROM and the EIA Home Page on the Internet (http://www.eia.doe. gov). The AEO96 displays on the EIA Home Page will include text, forecast tables, and graphics. To download the tables or the 
entire publication, go to the EIA FTP Site: Assumptions underlying the projections and tables of regional and other detailed results (formerly published in the Supplement to the Annual Energy Outlook) will also be available on CD-ROM and on the EIA Home Page. Forecast tables for the five scenarios are also available via modem on EIA's Electronic Publication (EPUB) System (202/586-2557).

Model documentation reports for the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) are also available on CD-ROM. For ordering information and questions on other energy statistics available from EIA, please contact EIA's National Energy 
Information Center. Addresses, telephone numbers, and hours are as follows:

National Energy Information Center, EI-231 Telephone: 202/586-8800 
Energy Information Administration TTY: For people who are deaf 
Forrestal Building, Room 1F-048 or hard of hearing: 202/586-1181 
Washington, DC 20585 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.,EST, M-F

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Annual Energy Outlook 1996 Supplementary Instruction Sheet

There are eight sets of tables. Each set is on one of the eight files, and each file contains a worksheet in compressed form:

SUP96A 1 to 10 Consumption by Sector and Census Division

SUP96B 11 to 20 Prices by Sector and Census Division

SUP96C 21 to 31 Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Demand Sector Data

SUP96D 32 to 54 Transportation Demand Sector Data

SUP96E 55 to 61 Electric Utility Data, Part 1

SUP96F 62 to 70 Electric Utility Data, Part 2

SUP96G 71 to 81 Renewable Resource Data, Petroleum Data, and Natural Gas Data

SUP96H 82 to 98 Coal Data, Macroeconomic Data, and Petroleum Import Data

Use winzip to expand *.ZIP files into *.WK1 files.