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Annual Energy Outlook 2013

Release Dates: April 15 - May 2, 2013   |  Next Early Release Date: December 2013 (See release cycle changes)  |  correction  |  full report

International AEO 2011International oil markets

exec summary Executive Summary

  • Oil production, particularly from tight oil plays, rises over the next decade, leading to a reduction in net import dependence....Read full section
  • The United States becomes a net exporter of natural gas....Read full section
  • Natural gas consumption grows in industrial and electric power sectors as domestic production also serves an expanding export market....Read full section

Mkt trends Market Trends

  • Range of oil price cases represents uncertainty in world oil markets...Read full section
  • Trends in petroleum and other liquids markets are defined largely by the developing nations...Read full section
  • Production of liquid fuels from biomass, coal, and natural gas increases...Read full section
  • With production outpacing consumption, U.S. exports of natural gas exceed imports...Read full section
  • Pipeline exports increases as Canadian imports fall and exports to Mexico rise...Read full section
  • Domestic production of tight oil leads to lower imports of light sweet crude oil...Read full section
  • Increasing U.S. supply results in decreasing net imports of petroleum and other liquids...Read full section

issues Issues in Focus