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Annual Energy Outlook 2010          

The Annual Energy Outlook presents a projection and analysis of US energy supply, demand, and prices through 2035. The projections are based on results from the Energy Information Administration's National Energy Modeling System. The AEO2010 includes Reference case, additional cases examining alternative energy markets.

Executive Summary Issues in Focus includes:
Market Trends in Economic Activity        No Sunset and Extended Policies cases
Energy Demand Projections        World oil prices and production trends in AEO2010
Electricity Projections        Energy intensity trends in AEO2010
Oil and Natural Gas Projections        Natural gas as a fuel for heavy trucks: Issues and incentives
Coal Projections        Factors affecting the relationship between crude oil and natural gas prices
Emissions Projections            Importance of low permeability natural gas reservoirs
Comparisons with Other Projections            U.S. nuclear power plants: Continued life or replacement after 60?
               Accounting for carbon dioxide emissions from biomass energy combustion
Legislation and Regulations includes:
              American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Summary of provisions
              Liquid fuels taxes and tax credits
              CAFE standards
              New EPA guidelines for review of surface coal mining
             operations in Appalachia
              Clean Air Interstate Rule: Changes and modeling in AEO2010
              State renewable energy requirements and goals: Update through 2009
              Updated State air emissions regulations
Projection Tables (results from the National Energy Modeling System for AEO2010)
  Download (each case below includes the main tables and supplemental tables for regional detail):
  Reference case  
  High Economic Growth case
  Low Economic Growth case
  High Oil Price case
  Low Oil Price case
  NEW Table Browser - provides custom data views across all integrated cases of AEO2010 like the high and low technology cases and numerous others. All available cases can be charted and the data for them downloaded



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