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  Annual Energy Outlook 2004 with Projections to 2025

Report #: DOE/EIA-0383(2004)
Release date: January 2004
Next release date: January 2005

Errata August 25, 2004

The Annual Energy Outlook presents a midterm forecast and analysis of US energy supply, demand, and prices through 2025

Table of Contents
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      Market Drivers 
          Trends in Economic Activity
          Economic Growth Cases
          International Oil Markets
      Energy Demand Projections
          Residential Sector
          Commercial Sector
          Industrial Sector
          Transportation Sector
          Alternative Technology Cases
      Electricity Forecast
          Electricity Sales
          Electricity Generating Capacity
          Electricity Fuel Costs and Prices
          Electricity from Nuclear Power
          Electricity from Renewable Sources
          Electricity Alternative Cases           
      Oil and Natural Gas Projections
          Natural Gas Consumption and Prices
          Natural Gas Production
          Natural Gas Imports and Wellhead Prices
          Natural Gas Alternative Cases
          Oil Prices and Reserve Additions
          Oil Production
          Alaskan Oil Production and Oil Imports
          Petroleum Imports
          Refined Petroleum Products        
       Coal Forecasts
          Coal Production and Prices
          Coal Mining Labor Productivity
          Coal Consumption
      Projected Emissions
          Carbon Dioxide           
          Emissions from Electricity Generation

      Issues in Focus
          Outlook for Labor Productivity Growth
          Lower 48 Natural Gas Supply
          Reassessment of Liquefied Natural Gas and Canadian                          Natural Gas Supply Potential
          Natural Gas Consumption
                  in Canadian Oil Sands Production
                  in the Industrial Sector
                  for Electric Power Generation
          Natural Gas Markets: Comparison of AEO2004 and
                  National Petroleum Council Projections
          Nuclear Power Plant Construction Costs
          The Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit
          U.S. Greenhouse Gas Intensity

     Legislation and Regulations
          Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards for Light
          California Low Emission Vehicle Program and California
                Carbon Standard for Light-Duty Vehicles
          Regulation of Mercury and Fine Particulate Emissions
          Extension of Deep Shelf Royalty Relief to Existing Leases
          The Maritime Security Act of 2002 Amendments to the                     Deepwater Port Act
          The Hackberry Decision
          State Air Emission Regulations
          New Source Review
          The Energy Policy Act of 2003

Forecast Comparisons

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