Released January 9, 2003
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January 2004)

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Supplement Tables to the Annual Energy Outlook 2003

The AEO Supplementary tables were generated for the reference case of the Annual Energy Outlook 2003 (AEO2003) using the National Energy Modeling System, a computer-based model which produces annual projections of energy markets for 2000 to 2025.  Most of the tables were not published in the AEO2003, but contain regional and other more detailed projections underlying the AEO2003 projections.  The files containing these tables are in spreadsheet format.  A total of one hundred and nine tables is presented.

The data for tables 10 and 20 match those published in AEO2003 Appendix tables A2 and A3, respectively.  Forecasts for 2000-2003 may differ slightly from values published in the Short Term Energy Outlook, which are the official EIA short-term forecasts and are based on more current information than the AEO.

The AEO2003 reflects data and information available as of August 30, 2002.  At that time, most 2000 data but only partial 2001 data were available.

Questions concerning the projections should be directed to Paul Holtberg (, 202-586-1284).

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Tables (2000-2025)

1 to 117 - Complete set of Supplemental Tables - (HTML)PDF (771KB), Errata as of 03/20/2003

1 to 20 - Consumption by Sector & Census Division  Prices by Sector and Census Division - PDF (1824KB), XLS

21 to 32 - Residential Demand Sector Data, Commercial  Demand Sector Data, Industrial Demand Sector Data - PDF(700KB)XLS  

33 to 59 - Transportation Demand Sector Data -  PDF (920KB)XLS

60 to 89- Electric Generation Data Renewable Resource Data - PDF (689KB),  XLS

90 to 117 - Petroleum Data, Natural Gas Data, Coal Data, Macroeconomic Data, Petroleum Import Data - PDF (449KB) XLS

Regional Maps - Maps of regions used in files above - PDF (1032KB)  

Census Division List - List of states in each Census Division -  HTML