Table A.4. Nitrogen Oxides Control Technology Emissions Reduction Factors

Nitrogen Oxides Control Technology EIA-Code(s) Reduction Factor
Advanced Overfire Air AA 30%
Alternate Burners BF 20%
Flue Gas Recirculation FR 40%
Fluidized Bed Combustor CF 20%
Fuel Reburning FU 30%
Low Excess Air LA 20%
Low NOx Burners LN 30%
Other (or Unspecified) OT 20%
Overfire Air OV 20%
Selective Catalytic Reduction SR 70%
Selective Catalytic Reduction With Low Nitrogen Oxide Burners SR and LN 90%
Selective Noncatalytic Reduction SN 30%
Selective Noncatalytic Reduction With Low NOx Burners SN and LN 50%
Slagging SC 20%

Notes: Starting with 1995 data, reduction factors for Advanced Overfire Air, Low NOx Burners, and Overfire Air were reduced by 10 percent.