Table A.3. Carbon Dioxide Uncontrolled Emission Factors

Fuel EIA Fuel Code Source and Tables (As Appropriate)
Factor (Pounds of CO2 Per Million Btu)***
Bituminous Coal BIT Source: 1 205.6
Distillate Fuel Oil DFO Source: 1 161.3
Geothermal GEO Estimate from EIA, Office of Integrated Analysis and Forecasting 16.59983
Jet Fuel JF Source: 1 156.3
Kerosene KER Source: 1 159.4
Lignite Coal LIG Source: 1 215.4
Municipal Solid Waste MSW Source: 1 (including footnote 2 within source) 91.9
Natural Gas NG Source: 1 117
Petroleum Coke PC Source: 1 225.1
Propane Gas PG Source: 1 139
Residual Fuel Oil RFO Source: 1 173.7
Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas SGC Assumed to have emissions similar to Natural Gas 117
Synthesis Gas from Petroleum Coke SGP Assumed to have emissions similar to Natural Gas 117
Subbituminous Coal SUB Source: 1 214.2
Tire-Derived Fuel TDF Source: 1 189.5
Waste Coal WC Assumed to have emissions similar to Bituminous Coal. 205.6
Waste Oil WO Source: 2, Table 1.11-3 (assumes typical heat content of 4.4 MMBtus per barrel) 210

*** CO2 factors do not vary by combustion system type or boiler firing configuration.

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