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Topics for Natural Gas Storage
Weekly Working Gas in Underground Storage
U.S. Natural gas inventories held in underground storage facilities by East, West, and Producing regions (weekly).
Underground Storage - All Operators
Total storage by base gas and working gas, and storage activity by State (monthly, annual).
Underground Storage by Type
U.S. storage and storage activity by all operators, salt cavern fields and nonsalt cavern (monthly, annual).
Underground Storage Capacity
Storage capacity, working gas capacity, and number of active fields for salt caverns, aquifers, and depleted fields by State (monthly, annual).
Liquefied Natural Gas Additions to and Withdrawals from Storage
By State (annual).
Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report
Estimates of natural gas in underground storage for the U.S. and three regions of the U.S.
Natural Gas Weekly Update
Analysis of current price, supply, and storage data; and a weather snapshot.
Natural Gas Monthly
U.S. production, supply, consumption, disposition, storage, imports, exports, and prices.
Natural Gas Basics
Analysis of Natural Gas Storage
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Company Level Data from Form EIA-176
Detailed State level natural and supplemental gas supply and disposition data reported by synthetic gas producers, processors, distributors, storage operators, and pipeline operators.
Field Level Data from Form EIA-191A
Detailed annual data of storage field capacity, field type, and maximum deliverability as of December 31, 2005 as reported by operators of all U.S. underground natural gas storage fields.
Includes natural gas and petroleum forecasts of consumption, production, prices, and sales.
Environmental Publications
Petroleum Stocks