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Analysis for Natural Gas Basics
Where Our Natural Gas Comes From
Natural Gas Prices
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Natural Gas Kid's Page (Not Just for Kids)
How natural gas was formed, how we get it, how it is stored and delivered, how it is measured, what it is used for, how it affects the environment and more.
Natural Gas Residential Choice
This site provides an overview of the status of natural gas industry restructuring in each state, focusing on the residential customer class.
About U.S. Natural Gas Pipelines
State Energy Profiles
What role does liquefied natural gas (LNG) play as an energy source for the United States?
This Energy In Brief discusses aspects of LNG industry in the United States. LNG is natural gas that has been cooled to about minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit for shipment and/or storage as a liquid. Growth in LNG imports to the United States has been uneven in recent years, with substantial changes in year-over-year imports as a result of suppliers’ decisions to either bring spare cargos to the United States or to divert cargos to countries where prices may be higher. Categories: Imports & Exports/Pipelines (Released, 12/11/2009)
Natural Gas: Major Legislative and Regulatory Actions (1935 - 2008)
This Web-based product presents a chronology of some of the key Federal legislative and regulatory actions that have helped shape the natural gas market, with particular emphasis on policy directives from 1978 to October 2008. Separate reports provide brief descriptions of specific legislation, regulations, or policies, and their impacts on the natural gas market. Categories: Prices (Released, 1/30/2009, Html format)