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Topics for Natural Gas Production
Gross Withdrawals and Production
Components of natural gas production for the U.S., States and the Gulf of Mexico (monthly, annual).
Number of Producing Gas Wells
U.S. and State level data (annual).
Wellhead Value & Marketed Production
U.S. and State level natural gas wellhead values and prices of marketed production (annual).
Offshore Gross Withdrawals
U.S., State, and Gulf of Mexico gross withdrawals from oil and gas wells(annual).
Gulf of Mexico Federal Offshore Production
Production of crude oil, natural gas wet after lease separation, natural gas liquids, dry natural gas, and lease condensate (annual).
Natural Gas Plant Liquids Production
Production by U.S., region, and State (annual).
Lease Condensate Production
Production by U.S., region, and State (annual).
Unconventional Dry Natural Gas Production:
Coalbed Methane Shale Gas
Production by U.S., region, and State (annual).
Supplemental Supplies
U.S. and State supplies of synthetic natural gas, biomass, refinery gas, propane-air, etc. (monthly, annual).
Natural Gas Plant Processing
U.S. and State level statistics for natural gas processed, total liquids extracted, extraction loss, and heat content of extraction loss (annual).
Natural Gas Weekly Update
Analysis of current price, supply, and storage data; and a weather snapshot.
Natural Gas Monthly
U.S. production, supply, consumption, disposition, storage, imports, exports, and prices.
Natural Gas Basics
Analysis of Natural Gas Production
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Distribution of Gas Wells and Production
Includes tables and graphs.
Exploration, Resources, Reserves, and Production.
Energy Resources Data from the Annual Energy Review
Exploration, Resources, Reserves, and Production.
International Natural Gas Production
Company Level Data from Form EIA-176
Detailed State level natural and supplemental gas supply and disposition data reported by synthetic gas producers, processors, distributors, storage operators, and pipeline operators.
Includes natural gas and petroleum forecasts of consumption, production, prices, and sales.
Environmental Publications
Petroleum Refining & Processing