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CBECS Public Use Data

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The Public Use Files are microdata files that contain more than 5,000 records, representing commercial buildings from the 50 States and the District of Columbia. Each record corresponds to a single responding, in-scope sampled building and contains information for that building about the building size, year constructed, types of energy used, energy-using equipment, conservation features, energy consumption and expenditures, and the amount of energy used for nine end uses: space heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, water heating, cooking, refrigeration, office equipment, and other end uses.

The data files are organized by subject matter. Each file contains the following core variables: (1) building identifier, the link between files; (2) adjusted sampling weight; (3) variance stratum and pair member that can be used for calculating variances; (4) Census region and division; (5) square footage; (6) principal building activity; (7) year constructed category; and (8) a set of variables that indicate whether electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, district steam or district hot water was used in the building.



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