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A Look at Building Activities in the 1999 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey


The Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, or CBECS, covers a wide variety of building types—office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, churches, and fire stations, to name just a few. Some of these buildings might not traditionally be considered "commercial," but the CBECS includes all buildings that are not residential, agricultural, or industrial.

For an overview of definitions and examples of the CBECS building types, see Description of Building Types.

Compare Activities by...

Number of Buildings
Building size
Building Age
Energy Conservation
Number of Computers
Electricity Generation Capability

Total Energy Use
Electricity Use
Natural Gas Use
Fuel Oil Use
District Heat Use

Characteristics by Activity...

Food Sales
Food Service
Health Care
Public Assembly
Public Order and Safety
Religious Worship
Warehouse and Storage

For further information on the CBECS, such as survey forms, technical information, and Census region and division maps, see Background Information on CBECS (note: this link will take you out of this report).

Specific questions may be directed to:

Joelle Michaels
CBECS Manager

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