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Electricity > Generation > Year: 2011 > Selected Products   (Billion Kilowatthours)

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GROUP / COUNTRY / FIPS CODE Electricity Nuclear Conventional Thermal Renewables Hydroelectric Pumped Storage
Renewables Hydroelectricity Non-Hydroelectric Renewables
Non-Hydroelectric Renewables Geothermal Solar, Tide, and Wave Wind Biomass and Waste
Total Net Generation Total Fossil Fuels Total Renewables Hydroelectric Total Non-Hydroelectric Renewables Solar, Tide and Wave Solar Tide and Wave
ASIA & OCEANIA 8,493.892 459.677 6,685.553 1,351.510 1,122.400 229.110 28.673 10.504 10.504 0.000 114.219 75.714 -2.848
   China CH 4,547.141 82.569 3,664.000 800.572 690.605 109.967 0.162 2.605 2.605 0.000 73.200 34.000 NA
NON OECD 10,840.762 464.801 8,030.132 2,349.611 2,114.244 235.367 25.348 3.918 3.918 0.000 112.208 93.893 -3.782
   China CH 4,547.141 82.569 3,664.000 800.572 690.605 109.967 0.162 2.605 2.605 0.000 73.200 34.000 NA

Notes on a New Kind of IES Table

The All Products - Single Year tables for Electricity Generation and Capacity, and for Renewables Used for Electricity Generation, are in a new format, slightly different from the other IES tables. This gives the user new options in requesting data, and improved download files.

One difference for these tables is that Solar is now separated from Tide & Wave. Another difference is that the header for these tables now includes a line showing the sequence of user choices leading to the table. For example, the table for Renewables, Electricity Generation, All Products - Single Year, 2011 now includes the following header line:

Renewables > Generation > Year: 2011 > Selected Products (Billion Kilowatthours)

Other differences are in files downloaded to Excel. Older Excel downloads from IES begin with 3 header rows, then a blank row, then data. Excel files downloaded from tables in the new format have several more header rows, giving a better description of the data columns. The new Excel header rows have information similar to what you see on your screen when you generate the table in the IES interactive system.


-- = Not applicable
(s) = Value is too small for the number of decimal places shown
NA = Not available
W = Data withheld to avoid disclosure

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