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International Energy Statistics


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You may browse by:

  • Fuel - production, consumption, imports, exports, capacity, stocks and emissions as available for all fuels and countries

  • Indicator - population, emissions, fuel heat contents, and conversion factors as available for all countries

  • Country - individual country energy data

Most data are available on an annual basis; however, selected petroleum data series are available on a monthly and quarterly basis for a limited number of countries (OECD members).

Notes on a New Kind of IES Table

The tables for Electricity Generation, All Products – Single Year and for Renewables, Electricity Generation, All Products – Single Year are in a new format, slightly different from the other IES tables. This is related to new user options for requesting data. Other tables based on these new user options will be introduced into IES in the coming months. If you generate these tables, you will see notes with additional information.

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