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International Energy Statistics


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You may browse by:

  • Fuel - production, consumption, imports, exports, capacity, stocks and emissions as available for all fuels and countries

  • Indicator - population, emissions, fuel heat contents, and conversion factors as available for all countries

  • Country - individual country energy data

Most data are available on an annual basis; however, selected petroleum data series are available on a monthly and quarterly basis for a limited number of countries (OECD members).

Notes on a New Kind of IES Table

Starting in April 2014, some IES tables are being converted to a new format. This gives the user new options in requesting data, and improved download files. The first stage of this conversion involves the following table types: the All Products – Single Year tables for Electricity Generation and Capacity, and Renewables Used for Electric Generation; and the All Flows – Single Year tables for Natural Gas and Coal. If you generate these tables, you will see notes with additional information.

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