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Javascript Maps

Our standard suite of maps now redesigned to be mobile friendly.

From the layers/legend drop down over 50 layers can be selectively added to the map or, alternatively, one of 12 pre-canned custom views can be selected. The basemaps drop down allows users to choose between 9 different basemaps.. The print drop down provides both print and image download options. The Map Details and Data link below the map provides layer definitions, sources, and map data (shapefiles) for selected layers. Map functionality includes the ability to zoom-in and out, pan, and access attribute information by clicking on any map feature.

State Maps

Interactive maps covering 40 energy infrastructure layers and 10 energy resource layers with easy access to additional state level resources.

U.S. Energy Mapping System

Larger version of the state maps.

Disruptions Maps

Interactive maps with energy infrastructure and real-time storm tracking.

Gulf Of Mexico Fact Sheet

Energy infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico area, both onshore and offshore, with real-time storm tracking.