Projects published on Beta are not final and may contain programming errors. They are for public testing and comment only. We welcome your feedback. For final products, please visit

About EIA Beta

Please Give Us Feedback!

As we develop new web products and refurbish old ones, we welcome your feedback and evaluation of our work. While we perform user testing at various stages of new product development, we can not reach everyone in our audience. Reaching out to you, our customer, is what this beta site is all about.

Use the "Show Feedback" tab above to access the feedback panel. There you can read what others have submitted as well as provide your own feedback. We need to hear it all: the good and the bad. Comments are moderated to ensure they are civil and germane, however we will post everything that meets the feedback policy. Please let us know what you think!

EIA Data on the Beta Site

The beta site, in general, uses the same data sources and processes that drive our official reports and analyses. However, because the products on beta are still experimental, their view into this data may not be as accurate or up-to-date as our live site. You may even encounter a bug in how the data are displayed. If so, please let us know.

If you're looking for official EIA data or reports, please use the official site

What Is a Beta?

"Beta" is short for the "beta stage" in software development. A product in "beta" has its core functionality complete, but may be missing secondary features or finishing touches. Beta is the first time users outside the original development team have the opportunity to use the nearly finished product. At EIA ,the primary focus of the beta phase is not to find bugs (errors in the programming), but rather to gather feedback from our user community. After a beta phase, a product is oftern modified based on the valuable feedback before being officially released to the public.

Tell Us What You Think!

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